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Pizza Hut Deal Gets You A $5.55 Pizza

pizza-hut-1topping EAT CHEAP: Consumers push restaurants for cheaper food The move comes at a time when pugnacious rival Little Caesars is offering $5 Hot n' Ready pizzas and an $8 Deep Dish pizza. Fast-food sales continue to waver in a tough economy. On top of that, summertime is the season when pizza sales -- which excel in the colder fall and winter seasons -- typically head south. So, pizza chains must rely on new products or clever promos to spark sales. "We believe it's the most aggressive offer of the year in the pizza industry," says Doug Terfehr, a Pizza Hut spokesman. "It's the new age of the flash deal." While the deal is only good on carry-out pizza sales, Terfehr says in the current economy, that's http://getpizzahutcoupons.com Pizza Hut's fastest-growing business and now accounts for a majority of its sales. One fast food PR guru says it's all about luring in business for a chain whose sales have been mostly flat in 2013. "For Pizza Hut, it's a value play disguised as a company milestone," says Derek Farley, president of DFPR. "Consumers could care less about the anniversary, but they will act on the promotion because of the price." That $5-ish price-tag is key.
With regard to the entire original new model as well as any kind alternative visions or on-line video, browse http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/business/2013/06/04/pizza-hut-55th-anniversary-little-caesars/2390105/

Is this why Pizza Hut really decided to ban help-yourself counters in China? To combat the insidious blight of sneaky 'salad stacking'

Stable: Salad engineers would exchange tips online, such as starting off their creations with a strong base of carrots But many believe the real reason behind the change in policy was because crafty Chinese customers were getting around a 'one-trip' rule by creating these incredible towers of salad. Unlike the comparatively generous British and U.S. Pizza Hut branches, customers in China were told they could only have one trip to fill a single plate at the salad bar. Scroll down for video Salad stacking: This practice is believed to be the reason Pizza Hut removed salad bars from its restaurants in China That's your five a day... Crafty Chinese diners came up with the salad towers as a way of getting around the 'one plate' policy Impressive: Salad stacking fast became a fad, with stackers sharing pictures of their creations on the internet Stable: Salad engineers would exchange tips online, such as starting off their creations with a strong base of carrots Magnificent: Salad dressing dribbles down the side of this impressive creation, with a knife held by it to show the scale The practise is believed to have annoyed Pizza Hut, whose Chinese branches are more akin to upscale restaurants A proud stacker poses with her creation, which appears to include quite a few blocks of tofu They wanted their visit to be worth it, and so they devised these ever more complicated salad structures that allowed them to pack the most possible fruit and veg on a single plate. The practice, known as 'salad stacking', soon became a fad as stackers shared pictures of their efforts online and tried to outdo each other. Diner creates architectural masterpiece from salad How to: Like any structure, salad towers need a strong foundation - in this case carrots Building up: This stacker has chosen to layer large chunks of pineapple as he reaches for the restaurant ceiling Labouring away: Patience and a steady hand are the indispensable attributes of the successful stacker As the storeys of salad rise, this engineer has chosen to inject variety with what looks like peach in the centre Grand design: The finished tower tapers in as it rises, like some kind of salad ziggurat So when Pizza Hut, whose branches in the Far East are more akin to upscale restuarants than cheap and cheerful fast food diners, announced it was removing salad bars from its Chinese restaurants, it was widely believed salad stacking was to blame. Of course, when people heard of the decision, that only encouraged them to make even more salad towers before they lost their chance, Kotaku reported.
Pertaining to the exact original new rendition this includes any kind of second image or just video clip, go to http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2380783/Pizza-Hut-Salad-Stacking-China-got-help-counters-banned.html

Pizza Hut Oman celebrates its 25th anniversary with 25 new delicacies

Pizza Hut Oman has been delighting customers of all ages with its mouth watering pizzas and scrumptious delicacies. To live up to its promise of changing everyday moments into celebrations, Pizza Hut Oman has designed a customer centric activity titled 'Dine. Play. Win' which will focus on making all its dine-in customers a sure winner. Customers who dine for multiples of R.O. 10 (all inclusive) get to play and win guaranteed gift coupons by spinning the 'wheel-of-fortune'. Commenting on this grand occasion, Anil Khimji, Director, Khimji Ramdas, said, "Pizza Hut Oman has been winning the hearts of pizza lovers across the Sultanate for over 25 years now. We wanted to make the most of this special moment by honoring our loyal customers. Show them our gratitude, through a theme that is both fun and rewarding. We present this month long Pizza Hut Carnival, that is aimed at maximum entertainment and value for the entire family." The Pizza Hut Carnival will continue till the 10th of October 2013 but the Pizzas & Much More menu is here to stay to add an extra sparkle to every customer dining experience.
For the the entire earlier product in addition to each other image samples and also video playback, make a trip to http://www.ameinfo.com/pizza-hut-oman-celebrates-25th-anniversary-355583

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