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Pizza Hut to host fundraiser this evening to help send dancers to NYC

Pizza Hut rolls out integrated campaign to capture larger slice of the pie

A large, one-topping home-delivered pizza from Pizza Hut typically costs about $11, plus $2.00 to $3.00 for the delivery fees. EAT CHEAP: Consumers push restaurants for cheaper food The move comes at a time when pugnacious rival Little Caesars is offering $5 Hot n' Ready pizzas and an $8 Deep Dish pizza. Fast-food sales continue to waver in a tough economy. On top of that, summertime is the season when pizza sales -- which excel in the colder fall and winter seasons -- typically head south. So, pizza chains must rely on new products or clever promos to spark sales. "We believe it's the most aggressive offer of the year in the pizza industry," says Doug Terfehr, a Pizza Hut spokesman. "It's the new age of the flash deal." While the deal is only good on carry-out pizza sales, Terfehr says in the current economy, that's Pizza Hut's fastest-growing business and now accounts for a majority of its sales. One fast food PR guru says it's all about luring in business for a chain whose sales have been http://getpizzahutcoupons.com mostly flat in 2013. "For Pizza Hut, it's a value play disguised as a company milestone," says Derek Farley, president of DFPR. "Consumers could care less about the anniversary, but they will act on the promotion because of the price." That $5-ish price-tag is key. Just as Subway has made a franchise off of its $5 sub sandwiches, the pizza giants are all trying to figure out how to sell $5 large pizzas.
With regards to the particular genuine variation which included nearly every ancillary shots or alternatively movie, check out http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/business/2013/06/04/pizza-hut-55th-anniversary-little-caesars/2390105/

In 2008 Pizza Hut introduced mobile ordering via text messages, which then evolved into a groundbreaking ordering app for the iPhone. Beginning in 2011, customers had the option of ordering Pizza Hut through apps for the iPad, Windows and Android smartphone, along with an all-new app for the iPhone and an app for Xbox. With a bevy of ordering options in the tech and mobile spaces and more than 6,300 restaurants across the country, Pizza Hut offers more points of access than any pizza company in America. Accessibility and a relentless effort to make it great for customers have also earned Pizza Hut affection from fans across social channels. The brand currently has more than 10 million Facebook fans, more than 300,000 Twitter followers, and hundreds of thousands more loyal and hungry supporters across a multitude of other social touch points. For more information and the latest brand happenings, visit PizzaHut.com and follow Pizza Hut on Twitter via @PizzaHut . About Pizza Hut Pizza Hut, a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc.
With regards to the actual individual version consisting of nearly every supplementary snap shots or alternatively video clips, tour http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/06/05/pizza-hut-55-years-idUSnPNCG26586+1e0+PRN20130605

Pizza Hut® Celebrates 55th Anniversary by Offering Customers Historic Deal: $5.55 Large One-Topping Pizzas

Its a perfect fit for Pizza Huts pan pizzas that have become 23 per cent bigger at the same price. The film captures and reflects the consumer reaction to the new size change. The film has a young vibe to it, which is very relatable and is sure to bring a smile on everyones face, commented Ajay Gahlaut, Executive Creative Director, Ogilivy & Mather. Pizza Hut made its foray into India with a restaurant in Bangalore in June 1996 and was the first international restaurant chain to enter this category in India. In the last 15 years, the brand has evolved from a Quick-Service Restaurant (QSR) to an affordable casual dining restaurant (ACDR) and has added variety in its menu. Pizza Hut celebrated 15 years of its presence two years ago, in the organised casual dining segment which is projected to be growing at a rate of about 25 per cent YOY, and is estimated to be over Rs 2.95 billion. The media mix for the campaign includes 15 per cent spends on digital, which includes engagement and activation on YouTube, and the brands Facebook page, which has over 10 million consumer base. Television continues to lead with over 50 per cent media spends, supplemented by OOH and activation specific to the brands outlets. Delving more into the brands campaign, Kataria said, Pizza Hut strives to give diners a great experience over delicious food. In the times of rising prices and inflation, we are leaving no stone unturned to cushion the effect of that on our consumers by offering the best pizza at the best value restaurant. We continue to be the market leaders in the casual and branded restaurant space, whilst Dominos continues to be market leader in delivery space, Kataria added on being quizzed on the brands market share. It maybe recalled that the brand announced the introduction of 11 new pastas last year in a bid to retain customers at a time when competition was heating up and brands such as Dominos were constantly introducing new offerings every quarter.
To work with the very earlier release consist of any kind supplementary image files or perhaps a pictures, go to http://www.exchange4media.com/52500_pizza-hut-rolls-out-integrated-campaign-to-capture-larger-slice-of-the-pie.html

pizza-hut-1topping The trip will cost each participant about $2,400, including food, airfare, hotel accommodations, tickets to events and their performance costume. The girls are working hard to raise funds by holding fundraisers on their own, such as bake sales and 50/50 drawings, but they need more help to make it to New York. In an effort to send the girls to the parade, Pizza Hut will hold a fundraising event from 5 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 27, at the restaurant. The entire staff of Pizza Hut will serve a night time buffet, and all of the tips they receive will benefit the New York trip. The buffet will cost $7 that night and will include a drink. Children age 3 and younger will get to eat for free. The participating students will serve as hostesses, seating people as they come in to eat.
For the the particular earlier edition together with nearly every additional videos or perhaps a video, head over to http://www.grahamleader.com/news/ci_23954354/pizza-hut-host-fundraiser-this-evening-help-send

Pizza Hut Perfume Now Available In U.S.

Not sure if this package is quite romantic enough for your lover? Eau de Pizza Hut is one of the most sought-after and rarest of scents available," said Kurt Kane, CMO of Pizza Hut in a press release emailed to HuffPost Food. Now would you want to deprive your significant other of the chance to smell like cheese, dough and tomato sauce all day? We think not. Pizza Hut is no stranger to Valentine's Day promotions. Last year, the chain introduced a $10,010 Valentine's Day engagement package that included a ring, a limo, a fireworks show... and pizza. Alright folks, get tweeting! Loading Slideshow Corndog This delectable fusion of two favorite American dishes is available at the annual Minnesota State Fair.
When it comes to the entire individual version which included any type of other representations and youtube, check out http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/11/pizza-hut-perfume-us_n_2661170.html

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